Batrisyia's 3 Petals Pinkie Creation

What can I say! Batrisyia designed the handbag and by the time I finished working on the product I was like--Hellooo this is even better than my own design!!!!! Oh well! I guess that's why they hire designer!!! Batrisyia being Batrisyia obviously the handbag MUST turn out to be pink! Oh dear...!!! I thought I even make a matching hair bad!!!! thats my latest discovery! Making hairbands!!! Or whatever you call that thing that the girls always put on their wrist as if it is a bangle. The fabric actually match the lining in the bag!!! So obviously nobody knows this except Watie herself!!!! Yup this one actually have lining unlike many of my other recent experiment!!! I used to be hardcore lining person (still am!!!!) but for a quick cheap projects I simplyy eeeedddggeee and forget about the lining!!!! Muaaaahhhaaaa....... The flowers were @!@#$%^&( in the butt to be stiched. The stiching were with single thread which is absolutely beautiful but again @!@#$%^&*( to manage as the thread keep sliding away from the needle hole-HELP!!!! Haaa... Anyway Watie loved it ( least she says she did...Oh dear I am so insecure.....but they say georgous people are always insecure ...wicked smile!!!!!). It was a present for her as she invited us to her party. It was a really cool get together as I get to wear my new songket!!!!! What is a songket? Well viva la Google!!!!

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